Bring STEM to life

Bring Coding off the Screen

Marty the Robot is designed to make learning about computer science, engineering, and teamwork a fun and engaging process. Useful from introducing programming at KS2 level, right the way up to university, Marty is a flexible learning tool that grows with your students


get coding

Scratch, Python, Javascript, and more. Introduce your students to computational thinking with fun activities, then ease the jump to real world languages with a familiar platform

funky moves

With 9 individually controllable motors and a patent-pending walking mechanism, Marty can make some impressive moves. Walking, turning, dancing, or even kicking a ball


Get started easily with our lesson plans and suggested activities - or use them as a jumping off point to make your own!

Classroom Connectivity

Marty class packs come with their own WiFi router and special version of Scratch - no software installation required.

How do you program Marty?

Marty can be programmed using Scratch, Python or Javascript, we like real world languages rather than proprietary software.

Marty connects over WiFi, and our class packs come with their own WiFi router. You'll need to connect your laptops or tablets to the Robotical Command Hub WiFi, then you can load up Scratch and start programming

What support is provided?

You'll get two half hour video support sessions with Robotical staff, to make sure you're up and running ok, and provide some tips on how to get the most from your Martys.

There's unlimited support electronically, and lots of resources online too.

Hardware-wise, all Martys come with a two year warranty, and have safety features built in to protect the motors and other sensitive components from damage

Case Studies

Hear how other educators have used Marty to facilitate learning

Class Packs

Special offers on fun-size packs of Martys, with extras for the classroom

Kit or Pre-Built

Building a Marty is an exciting group activity that can teach your students about mechanics and electronics, as well as team-work and problem solving.

Or get your Martys pre-built to be up and coding in minutes